“The Food Problem and the Aggregate Productivity Consequences of Climate Change” (Draft Complete 7/2019 - Available Upon Request)

“A Global View of Creative Destruction” - with Chang-Tai Hsieh and Pete Klenow

“Do Renewable Portfolio Standards Deliver?” - with Michael Greenstone

“Valuing the Global Mortality Consequences of Climate Change Accounting for Adaptation Costs and Benefits” - with Tamma Carleton, Mike Delgado, Michael Greenstone, Trevor Houser, Solomon Hsiang, Andrew Hultgren, Amir Jina, Robert Kopp, Kelly McCusker, James Rising, Ashwin Rode, Hee Kwon Seo, Justin Simcock, Arvid Viaene, Jiacan Yuan, and Alice Zhang


“The Impossible Trinity of Agriculture: Causality, Adaptation, and the Welfare Consequences of Climate Change” (with Michael Greenstone and Arvid Viaene)

“Labor Supply in a Warmer World: The Impact of Climate Change on the Global Workforce” - with the Climate Impact Lab

“The Social Cost of Global Energy Consumption due to Climate Change” - with the Climate Impact Lab

“The Impacts of Climate Change on Global Grain Production” - with the Climate Impact Lab